Essential Services

We are a very diverse business and we also offer the following services:

Skills Training – Business and Computer Training

Most students are struggling with Microsoft excel skills at the work place and this is precisely what our training will address in detail to ensure that once you are employed you fit in and flourish. We will also help you to develop confidence and relevant skills for business and work place

Insurance for Laptop devices 

For only R49pm you can have your laptop fully insured by us. Ask in store or compete the form below

Device Tracking Management System – Laptops etc

We will manage and track your device as a form of security, we will even deactivate it if stolen – For pricing, the product is listed under our online shop page

Marketing and Promoting other businesses (Accommodation, Laptop repairs, Graphic Design)

We use our facilities and online platforms to help businesses to expand and reach out more customers – Our website is one of the most visited website and our platform will increase business opportunities for your business – Talk to us when you have a desire to grow your business

Should you need any of the above services you can contact us on

Are you in need of ICT services for your Business or Institution?